Metro Rear Spoke


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I bought my Magnum Metro last fall and have just under 800 miles on it. Last month I had a rear tire spoke break...presumably from coming off a low curb too fast/ least that was the only thing I could think of....husband also has a Metro and we ride together a lot he has had no such issue. Was able to get the spoke repaired at LBS. Just had another spoke break (still TBD if its the same spoke or another). LBS said it could be a manufacturing defect and won't know until I get the bike into them. Has anyone experienced issues with their spokes?

MikeL NY

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hi, I had the same problem on my navigator - at 300 miles (about 1 month of ownership) 2 spokes broke. Then after those two were repaired, a 3rd broke within 20 miles. The LBS great and the entire rear wheel was re-spoked. 200 miles later hopefully it fixes this but if you look in the general forum, a few other people have had broken spokes. After my experience, I now check the spoke tension after every ride.