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If it helps anyone, last summer, our family (with kids), took a very good ebike highlight tour of downtown Mexico City with Nomad México. It was our first encounter riding ebikes. We did a modified downtown cultural highlights tour with and emphasis on public mercados, street food, mural art, and graffiti. Nomad has a modern fleet of zippy 20" 350v ebikes with full suspension, and great english-speaking guides. The cycling infrastructure and awareness in Mexico City is superb, with partitioned cycle/scooter-only lanes on main boulevards, our intuitive guides held traffic for our column at busy 8-lane intersections. Traffic was respectful. We always felt safe. As we flew effortlessly past thousands of vehicles stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it became clear there would have been no better way to have covered the territory we did in those hours. The tour was so much fun, that we began the process of looking for ebikes when we got back.