Mid-drive on a Biria Easy Board?


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I have a Biria Easy Board, with an E-Bike Kit rear hub motor. I like the combination a lot, BUT.... I keep breaking spokes around the hub. Today, I broke two (smooth paths, no bumps or holes) in twelve miles. My local bike shop says this is a fact of life with a hub motor.

Anyone successfully install a mid-drive in a Biria Easy Board? It looks like there is more than enough clearance, but before I buy a mid-drive, I'd be interested in other people's experience.


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Ok so, I don't think you can install any Bafang (BBS02, BBSHD, etc.) mid motor.. the frame is way too thick.

You might be able to install CYC X1, but I don't know if that's overkill for you.



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I will take a look Thanks.
You're welcome, but just so you know CYC X1 is quite powerful (although you can just lower the assist down) so it might be overkill :confused:

But as you can see, Bafang mid drive motor has very small margin between the motor and bottom bracket, so you won't be able to fit with a bike with thick frame.
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