Mid drive with throttle

I know the first gen mid drives did not have throttle option. Has anyone come up with a mid drive with throttle? May sound ridiculous but that’s a deal breaker for my wife and I. Thx


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Most Bafang mid drives (BBSxx, Ultra, and M600) have throttle. There are a few other mid drives with throttle but typically DIY similar to this which probably isn't what you're looking for:

Any particular reason (lack of) throttle is a deal breaker? Perhaps you're getting older and have some ailments. The Bafang Ultra is probably the most powerful mid drive with throttle but the flip side is the motor (and bikes) will be significantly heavier. You're having to lift a 60-75 pound bike instead of something more manageable like a 50 pound bike. Conversely you could get something like the M600 which is a bit lighter.


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Ariel Rider C-Class !



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Chic, there are many choices for you. These are just a few companies that carry models with mid drive and throttle: Dost, Bolton, Frey, Biktrix, EUNORAU, Luna, FLX are some.


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I'm definitely a fan of a throttle and am well aware of the pro and cons.....Even though I seldom use it ....It's sure Nice to have it when I need a quick goose on take off.
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I am with you on the throttle. I see no cons to them though. Weight? I only used mine three times this morning and only for about one to three seconds each time just while cresting short steep hills. I have no issue changing gears or PAS # but there are times that the short burst of convenient power is just what the Dr. ordered. Hey, it isn't mandatory one use the throttle but for the one ounce of weight I will take it.
I love all the bells and whistles that make riding an E-bike fun and of course easier riding. To me the throttle is one of those whistles.


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Biktrix has a variety of bikes with Bafang motor and throttle. The owner Roshan frequently responds to posts in the Biktrix subforum.
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