Mid drive without torque sensing


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My spouse has a knee condition which limits ability to 'push' on the pedals. We presently have bikes with hub drive motors, however would like to do some light off road / hilly riding. A mid drive would enable the use of the bikes gearing system, however after trying several bikes with mid drives + torque sensing, she is not able to push hard enough on the pedals to move the bike...even at max PAS.

Anyone know of ebikes with mid drives that use cadence sensing? We are aware of the Evelo DeltaX - are there others?


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Biktrix, Luna, BMEbikes, Day6 also use Bafang mid-drives with cadence sensor and throttle. Some shops also do conversions with this type of motor eg Philly Electric wheels or BMEbikes
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You could add Juiced bikes to the list above (with PAS and torque sensing)


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Would you be interested in WattWagons?
I'm sure they can customize the bike to make it cadence sensored.



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With your wife's condition, you would definitely want to add a throttle to your requirements you listed. Regardless of cadence or torque, a throttle would be needed to get her bike moving according to what you said. Most of those listed above would also have throttles.


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I had a dapu mid drive and all I had to do is rest my foot on the pedal while at a light and it would take off if I did not have the brakes on. my bosh os close to that. they both took almost no effort to peddle with fill assist.