Mile 176: First Flat Tire


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Crackling thunder, heat lightening, and impending deluge. I sought shelter under the overhang of a health clinic. I look down and my rear tire is flat. I inspected the tire over and over, pumped it up and the only air that is escaping is from the base of the valve stem at the rim. The rain started real heavy and the dear, sweet, angel of mercy who habitats the Miami Valley, otherwise known as my wife, texted me and offered to come pick me up. I choked back my commuter pride with a little vomit and said "yes." In about 15 minutes, the rain lightened, a tiny bit of sun peeked through and she arrived in her milk of human kindness chariot (white, Honda hybrid) and we ushered my fallen steed into the back.

In the comforting, dry walls of our castle keep (the garage) I continued the inspection of the tire. I ran the tire through a large tub of water and the only air escaping was from the base of the valve stem. Since I had just had these tubes installed at the LBS about 5 days ago I decided to take the tire, still on the rim, and have them take a look. The high priest bike mechanic was one of the same guys I worked with previously and he took a look. As he disassembled the tire a faint chill filled the air and we felt a shudder run up our spines as he exposed the nefarious actor; the scepter of Satan in its full vileness: a rusty steel splinter had impaled the puncture resistant tire, puncture resistant liner, bottom and top of the tube, bike rim tape and then finally blunted on the inside of the rim. After a couple of patches, new rim tape, and three shakes of holy water, the exorcism was complete.

That was close. Humankind (ebikers and cyclist) might be safe for one more day.


Glad to hear you found the culprit. I recently made the mistake of not checking the inside of my tire after changing a flat rear tube in good weather. Got back on and tire went flat again due to tiny sliver of metal that had made it's way through. Did not have another spare tube with me and patch glue was dried out. Like you I was lucky my wife was able to bale me out.

David Berry

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Great story, including the oft repeated but never endorsed by meteorologists "heat lightning".

This old croc loved your story, Gator. And thanks DDBB for putting it back on the New Posts lists for others to enjoy.
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