miles per battery on mini vs rover


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the mini came last week and we got a good 35 mile ride in on it yesterday in northern az

it has some issues, the pas is definitely not working right
emailed rad power but havent heard back yet

still i am very pleased with the stability and with a suntour suspension seat post it seemed comfortable off road the whole time

it does seem to use twice as much battery as the rover, is this normal?
or maybe it is related to whatever is wrong with the pas- controller? sensor? who knows

but wondered what others were seeing for battery life comparing the 2

Hi Vincent,

I found that with the smaller wheels, it requires another level of PAS to maintain the same speed as the RadRover 2016.

RadRover .... RadMini
10mph PAS1 8mph
14mph PAS2 11mph
16mph PAS3 14mph
18mph PAS4 17mph
20mph PAS5 20mph​

  • 48V 11.6Ah Li-ion with 30 Amp Continuous BMS Samsung 29E Cells

  • 48V 11.6Ah Li-ion with 30 Amp Continuous BMS Panasonic 2900 mAh Cells

Given the similar power supplies, a gearset that looks the same 42t + 11-28t (from another thread on changing cassettes), the tiresize should have a big impact on the gearing and mileage

On my RadMini, I'm usually in PAS2-3, on the RadRover I'm usually in PAS 1-2, my mileage is slightly less on the RadMini, but not enough to impact my commute too much.

Both on smooth street tires:
  • RadMini: Charge after 2.5 days of riding my 11 mile daily commute x 2.5 = 27.5 miles with 1 bar left
  • RadRover2016: Charge after 3 days of riding my 11 mile daily commute x 3 =33 miles with 1 bar left
I get maybe 5 more miles before it gets into the 1 bar for my use...but even then it's a bit uneven. The 0.5 ride back from work is very slightly downhill and less watts are used to maintain the same speed.

For instance: Maintaining 11 mph with me pedaling to actually pedal not just cruise with cadence, the average watts:
  • going to work
    • PAS1 on RR2016: 30-40w
    • PAS2 on RMini: 50-70w
  • going home
    • PAS1 on RR2016: 0-30w
    • PAS2 on RMini: 0-40w



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i am hoping that maybe the pas issue is draining the battery faster

basically used up 2 80-90% charges on the mini to 1 charge on the rover...

maybe the fact it was not fully charged made a big difference, plan to find that out next week
but it still does not seem right
and honestly i was probably being a little more careful with the power/boost while riding the mini because i was worried about running out far from the car