mini 4 with broken axle


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Hi all, if you followed my plight, you’ll be aware that I have a bike with a cracked axle. Rad mini 4 2020.

Shipping delays give me an estimate of maybe two more weeks (from the original 5) to wait for the rear wheel assembly for my bike to show up, but when I called them yesterday, they actually have no idea, and I should have no expectations until I get the tracking email out. I need some certainty in this...

I've been considering all sorts of things, so let start by asking what are the ways to deal with this? if i haven't mentioned them here?

Looking at options, it looks like the bafang 750 watt "upgrade motor" from electric bike world should work and should be fine, even with my stock controller

I had another idea yesterday, There is either brilliant, or too stupid for words. So if the RAD bikes that use hub geared motors are use the same motor, which is my understanding, could I get a rear wheel assembly for a rover or a mission, and then use that motor in my mini? I asked about those two specifically because they have those items, in stock, in the Vancouver show room.

More importantly, or just as importantly, when i pull the motor, I don’t want to rebuild the wheel, that could be a last ditch option, but the inner core swap looks so easy. I don't know much about this practice except for the video and the internet says litttle. can i just moved the core over? all things being equal i'd probably do the rover as ir has 7 speeds

Obviously I can’t return the assembly after I’ve removed the motor, taken it apart and had my plan fail. so... =)

Maybe the rest of the assembly will make a good wall hanging. I have no idea. I mean I can scavenge some of the parts out of it, like brake pads etc. but I need my axle, that's all i care about.

So the reason to go with this option rather than the electric bike world option is really cost. I’m totally happy with the current power on my bike, i have the stock controller, it’s not like I won't to spend the money, but when you look at it, with express shipping, the motor from electric bike world will be over 500 Canadian and that does not include customs. And it will take 4 days + customs to get here. The one from the retail store, it’s $350 Canadian. And there is no customs. I expect customs to be at least 50 bucks.

Thoughts, anything else, invited. Thanks!