Mirrors for my Rad Mini Step Thru (handlebar size)


I'm looking at the Hafny MR083 Mirrors, they are offered in two sizes, the 62 and the 68 to fit the inside of the handlebars, which size would fit the Rad Mini's. Note, I just figured it out, the 62 and 68 have nothing to do with the handlebar size, that's just the difference in models offered, thanks, my mistake.
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Marci jo

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Agreed. I use Mirrcycle mirrors on all my bikes. They’re very stable, good size, and provide great visibility.


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I will third the mirrycle above. Unfortunately I tried three other mirrors before getting the mirrycle. It is by far the best most stable with just the right shape of the mirror. Some I had were flat mirrors, way to small field of view, some were huge and a car 2 cars back looked like an ant, totally useless and most of them shook and vibrated like crazy and could just couldn't see. I wish I had started with the mirrycle.


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These mirrors were really a brilliant invention and they picked the right name for it. Many buyers get their first experience with "cynch-up bolts", including myself until figuring it out. Some people don't. Originally thinking the threads were mismatched, they weren't. Just designed to stay tight while keeping enough play in the joints to keep them in position without tightening them down all the way. This allows for the swivel adjustment of the mirror without shake. Also the mirror arm is intended to be folded inward 90 degrees to help prevent it from being bumped or jamming into things when parking the bike in tight places. You can fold them 50k times and push them back out again and they won't loosen up. The only screw that needs to be tight is the one holding the wedges against the inside of the handlebars. Follow the schematic carefully during install. Washer placement counts.