Misleading used battery % on display for ebikes !!


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Yes, but this graph is for a single cell, it doesn't consider balancing.


Most discussions regarding getting max life from a pack will not include much info on the merits of balance charging, or much in the way of guidance. Balance charging is a big deal with the packs we're using on these bikes.


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The issue I have is that my standard ride uses 10-12% of my battery capacity. If I do a full charge to balance all the cells, it could be days or a week before I'm below 80%.... I leave my battery at 50% SOC and charge to 60% before my ride.. A few times during the summer I will do a full charge to balance but if I ride just once, my battery sits at 90% SOC until I ride again.. Since I rarely go below 40% SOC I don't think a full balance charge is as important. I doubt the cells would be that far off