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Yes, this is something I am aware of as well as previously referenced. However, the initial point of my inquiry was:
1: Data from the Mission Control app being different on 2 iOS devices for rides
2: Being able to look at the statistics of the bike, i.e., miles, from a browser or Specialized accessible repository of the user data other than a mobile device.
I appreciate the reply and contribution however it is obvious that probably nobody ever asked about this possibly before and nobody knows.
I was just curious to know if my data relevant to my bike was accessible via any other means for reference other than the MC app on a mobile device.
One might think it would be, as the info is up there on their cloud, so why not have it accessible to a customer?
Additionally, even more frustrating is that one can't even (or I can't anyway) get data to know as an example, how many miles are on my bike without the app accessing the bike only when the bike is only.
Excuse my ignorance, but to me, it is frustrating, hence the inquiries.
Thanks for the input.


Oh boy. For the love of God. Here we go. If you actually read the initial inquiry, and digested it correctly to answer it or offer an opinion as to a factual answer to the initial inquiry it would be great. The information you are offering is already know and the purpose of asking here in this forum with others who may have more knowledge than I is to find alternate solutions and answers.

Thank you for your contribution.
@Sierratim you deserve better than this.