MOD Black


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Bottom line… I’m loving it

The bike has made my twenty-two mile round trip commute to work, three to four days a week, very enjoyable. My typical route to work consists of a mixture of riding on the street, protected bike lanes, and unprotected bike lanes. The power, full suspension, and built in lighting combine to make for a comfortable and confident ride.

The support from Mod Bikes has also been fantastic. I have run into a few issues requiring attention. The issues have mostly been tune-up type issues, such as needing to retighten bolts that have come loose. Anytime something has come up, everyone a Mod Bikes has been very helpful in quickly and competently getting me the answers to solve the issue.

I have ridden 600 miles on the bike so far, and especially with warmer weather coming, I am looking forward to putting many more miles on my MOD Black.