Moisture in display

Deacon Blues

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Last week my wife and I transported our ebikes (her's is a Pedego Commuter) behind our motorhome and rain into some rain. We've had this happen before, but this time it looks like there was a leak in the display and some moisture was evident under the display panel.
When my wife turned the display on she got an error code and then nothing.
Has this happened to anyone, with the standard Pedego display, before?
If anyone on this forum had this happen to their Pedego what did you do to solve it?

I play on taking the display apart today, if that's possible, and drying everything out.


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Pedego has replaced my problem displays, no questions asked. I think if you ask, they will probably send you a new one, on them.

I had a display with a bad seal also--no problem with rain (yet), but the seal would lift off. They sent me a new display.


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Hey @Deacon Blues, this same thing happened to me seven years ago when living in Austin. I got into some heavy rain and the display fogged up. It didn't stop working, but it caused me to start putting a plastic bag over the display when parking. I would take it off and let things air out each night because if you get water in the bag, then it can raise humidity and fog up even if the display itself is mostly dry. Perhaps a solution is to somehow put a bag full of rice over/around the display to dry it out... in any case, I love that Pedego uses the threaded connectors with washers vs. the plastic press-fit connectors that other less expensive companies tend to use.