Mondraker Crafty XR plus A frame question


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Hello all, brand new to this forum, hope its gonna be a long learning journey on here. I recently acquired the new mondraker e Crafty XR plus 500watt bike with bosch CX. Im very happy with this bike its a sensational ride wherever you go.

I've done circa 350km with it so far. This week i was out cycling and for the first time i noticed that when i stopped cycling with the motor on, i noticed a sort of jerk in the A frame it seemed like the A frame was going back to its place after the torque of the engine stopped as I stopped cycling. I thought this was odd as i had never experienced it before. I turned off the motor and cycled normally. Did not feel that jerk. Then i switched it on again and the sudden jerk kicked in as soon as I stopped cycling. I brought a friend who is very well versed in bikes and after a few trials he told me the bearing of the pivot a frame seems is the culprit. I filmed the movement by attaching my phone over the wheel to get a second opinion have a look.

It should be heading to the shop where i got it from this week but im really surprised this happened in such a high spec bike.

Chris Zanotti

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It is likely that the "Bushing" is coming lose on the Fox shock as well. That is the set of aluminum spacers that help support the rear shock mount as come loose or started to develop the normal wear that comes with any rear suspension bike electric or otherwise. Plus the motor will wind up until it feels the right resistance for the interior sensors to register that you need help. The system might just be functioning normally, but certainly, check the mounting torque on the motor. and look for wear between shock mounting and pivot locations.