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I'm really thinking what I'm wanting to buy. Originally I was wanting a revolution x 6.0 but now that I know it won't be legal I'm leaning elsewhere. The website for this bike says range up to 134 miles. I know surrounding weight and everything affect it. What is negative about this bike? How does it do in wet weather? Any recommendations? I know I would not mind saving 10k on a bike.


We just got a 2017 Monster FS with the BOSCH, pick this instead of the Haibike, the Haibike Fat Bike is only made in Yamaha. The 2017 comes with a 500watt pack, basically the same bike as the 16, but with 20% more juice. The suspension is dialed in, super fast on DH, compare to my Haibike Fat Six and Specialized Fat Boy, this bike rocks going up, and super fun coming down. Top notch component group... Buy It!!!!


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Picked one up 3 weeks ago. I love it. I drive a semi so I ride when i can. I put 150 miles on it already . I have mostly been riding in Harrisburg pa. Next week I'm hoping to stop by mt Rushmore on my way home to fl. I can't wait to ride on the beach. I think next year I'm going to buy a haibike xduro all mountain.


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Can someone explain to me how Bulls gets a fatbike-compatible chainline on the Bosch motor? I imagine there's some serious hackery going on because, unlike Yamaha, it's far from obvious how to get a suitable (e.g., 75mm) chainline on a Bosch motor.
I'm a lucky man. I get to ride all kinds of cool ebikes. The Monster E FS has turned into my personal..I love it. Had almost 2 years, bout 1000 miles and not one issue. The jumbo jims pretty much put all other fatbike tires to shame. 6 lbs of air and these things just eat earth while handling remains good. The hard tail version of this bike is even better on super technical stuff..but my older bones likes FS.