Montague X70 with BBS02


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Picked up a montague with the bbs02 kit on it and thought i would make a thread with how it does for me , the things i change on it etc
bike has a 48 volt 14ah shark?battery on a rear rack
the rack does not fit great/screws up the folding and i plan to change it to either a seat post rack or maybe the montague rack which last i looked was out of stock everywhere...
or may put a hanging bag on it ..
not sure yet

first thing is i bought 2.2 tires for it and am mad because it will fit 2.3 easily
will ride it the way it is and change to 2.3 late spring

one big advantage on this bike is with this kit it is really light - with the battery off

i plan to put an igh on this bike in a few months
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it is a B version :)


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Great news! A version parts are near impossible to find. B have upgraded FET’s. I’m happy for you!