MonteCapro brake upgrade

I live in an area that has some very steep hills. The Tektro brakes that came on the bike worked fine for flats, but struggled on the hills. My first thought was just to replace the calipers with some Avid BB7 mtn.

However this was a big fail. The bafang ebrake lever do not have long enough pull for the BB7's. Searching the web, I noticed there is not much out there in regards to ebike brake levers.

So, I decided on doing away with ebike levers and using some standard Avid FR5 mtb levers. I purchased some king meter HWBS inline brake sensors for the motor cut. This required a bafang extension cable from lunacycle.

Overall it came out great. Stopping power is greatly reduced. I can lock the brakes even with my 235lbs onboard. Here are some pics.

Also replaced the brake lines with larger 5mm compression less Jagwire cables.


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Looks like some nice upgrades!

Thanks, I can never leave well enough alone. 90% of my fun is customizing things. If I had to do it again, I would have got the BB7 road callipers vs the mtb callipers, as they are designed for a shorter pull. Then I wouldn't have had to change the levers.