More aggressive tires for Ultimate C380+?


So the Schwalbe "Energizer" (??) tires are fine for commuting. But on weekends I like to do rail trails with some gravel, etc. Compared to the Vado 4 tires that went over gravel much better these seem to kick the rocks to the side or the wheel will jump a little. I would like to get something a little more aggressive like the Vado. Some years ago I had some MTB tires that also had a solid bead in the middle so for street riding it had good wear and noise features but the sides had a lot of grippy bits.

I was looking at the Schwalbe G-One Overland. Is that a good choice for commuting during the week and some rail trails on the weekend?

What specifically do you recommend (link to the right size for the Gazelle would be nice)



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Leonia, NJ
Schwalbe Marathon GT 365? I bought them as winter tires for this season - they are marketed as all-year-any-weather, but probably too aggressive for commuting on good surfaces.