More strength, please


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500W power as nominal value seems to be the "industry standard". By swiss law, 1000W is the maximum in this category. Due to the limited capacity of the batteries, such (permanent) power does not make sense. But how about the strength?

Some of you might follow the swiss (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)and therfore already know about: The ST2 and ST2s will have 40NM torque officialy from beginning 2017. The ST1x has 35NM, the ST1 comes with 30NM.

The shape of the torque curve is the same for all motors: Flat until 20km/h, slight decrease until 40km/h and sharper decrease until top speed.

The raise from 35NM to 40NM with the SYNO drive was done by optimizing the firmware. The good new is: Every ST2 from 2.0 (december 2015) upwards alredy have the 40NM setting!

The major effect is between 28 to 35km/h. This also makes the differnce between the ST1x.