Moscow+ front deraileur Altus FD-M310 mods/issues?


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Inherited a Moscow+ with not even a mile use. Was bought on Amazon so no real way to have a 'dealer' deal with it should things arise, correct? Dont have the purchase paperwork so dunno if its from a dealer or what.
At any rate... Had a fair amount of fine tuning to do once in my hands. The front deraileur was one of them.

Here is a close up of the mech man. for this brand, Altus FD-M310.
Do you see anything odd? when I got my face right in there and looked, the bike manual was fairly lame so looked for something better online.
Note the travel pathway of the cable on my bike, marked in dashed lines vs. how IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE set up.

Its supposed to go around a half cam groove and feed downwards.
Spoiler alert, that distributes the stress in the cable while keeping the same tension level, and it stresses the plastic parts much less. Its more efficient. Its how it was designed as shown in the attached pic.
Otherwise, its always pulling on a SINGLE POINT right at the cable anchor (try unscrewing a loose bottle cap with JUST YOUR FINGER TIP, then try again with just one finger but coiled around the cap... thats the force difference needed on the same level of resistance)
Not only that, the point along the top frame bar where the cable currently is coming out of, angles out to starboard, so when tightened the cable slightly angles back and down port side to connect to the anchor bolt... sawing it on the side of the opening of the cable guide

So have anyone modd'ed their cable paths?
Or did yours come threaded differently?

From what I see the sensor cables and whatnot are already using the inner tube paths that couldve been used to run the shifter cable to come up from beneath like the mech man shows. Not sure I want to rejig the thing, has anyone else already changed paths?

I stupidly tried out the bike without fine tuning it first, and tried shifting to top gear which forced the cable thru the half tensioned cable anchor, compromising but not breaking the cable. Which is why I am dealing with this in the first place.


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Way out of my depth on this topic for an opinion, but our two bikes with FD-M310's are connected in the manner yours is (IE from the top).