Moscow Plus 29 inch recommendations


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First, thanks for your very informative video reviews. They were a major reason why I chose to buy a 29 inch Moscow Plus ebike.
To be helpful to others, I suggest the following:

1) Be very careful regarding size of bike. I am 6’2.5” tall, 220 pounds and thought the 29 inch would be more than suitable. I have an approximate 34.5 inch inseam. Well, the 29 inch is satisfactory, but I cannot raise the seat to the so-called ideal leg extension angle, as that would result in great difficulty reaching the ground with my toes. I guess that would hold true despite one’s bike size and height, etc. That is, I have heard and read where the proper leg extension means having a slight leg angle when placing the ball of your foot on the pedal, with that pedal at the lowest position. Perhaps that recommendation needs modification.

2) As many have said, the water bottle holder SHOULD have been placed several inches forward on the top bar. A huge error by the manufacturer!

3) Regarding a mirror...thanks to a suggestion by a fellow member, the Meachow mirror is exceptional. Installation requires moving the display control, shift control, and brake lever control approximately one half inch to the tight (towards centre of handle bar). Be very careful to position the display control, shift lever, and brake clamps in proper positions to allow for the Meachow mirror to be installed with the mirror arm positioned slightly forward. That will allow sufficient flexibility to position the mirror at an angle conducive to an optimum view of the road. That is especially important for taller folks. I had to re-loosen all the aforementioned brackets and re-align, in order to be able to secure that Meachow mirror at an optimum angle (an angle whereby there is room to adjust the mirror up, down, and sideways). Be patient and you will be very pleased with the results.
That mirror (due to its long arm) extends from the end of the handlebar grip (that is, the position of the mirror glass starts from the grip end). That is a much better option than having to modify the Moscow Plus grips...why bother cut into the very nice grips...makes zero sense to me!
I believe that Meachow mirror would work on most ebikes. All you need is about one half inch of handlebar space. Fantastic design. Seems very sturdy as well.

Happy riding all!! Especially to all the great ‘cat people’ out there!
Go Dodgers Go!!