Most compact folder

Joe Remi

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I'm looking for a compact folding electric - decent power, PAS and throttle, probably 20-inch wheels - for under $2k. I realize they're all going to be pretty heavy and ungainly for trying to stuff in the back seat of my FIAT 500 Cabrio (no hatch), but I'd like to be able to do it at least a few times a year.

I like the RadPower Mini, but I think the wide frame is going to be too much of a compromise on folded width. What's good out there in electric folder land?


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i have an older prodeco mariner
it has the first battery set up on it, so pretty old i guess

it folds up pretty small to me
not super light but more manageable because the size is pretty small folded

i saw an e-joe folder in a shop about a year ago and think it was similar in size to the mariner

think court lists the dimensions folded up for most of his reviews
or some google searches will find at least some model dimensions