Motor no longer assisting


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Hey guys and gals i'm new to electric bikes and i just got my radwagon in on thursday got it up and running same day i've been having a lot of fun with it but tonight when i was riding it around my neighborhood (still just really getting used to it) the power went out but only for the motor i was still getting head light and display power however there was no power coming from the motor. i got back home and looked at the owners manual and troubleshooting said to check the wiring which i did but still nothing. any tips or advice to get it back up and running?

Ann M.

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First place to check would be those connectors from the console & battery to the motor, @BluSkyy. Otherwise, had the battery gotten a good charge before the night ride? A new battery might look 'full' but not really be 100%, a low battery could cause a motor cutout. Third thought, check your brake lever motor interrupts; if a brake were too tight or the sensor misaligned, you could cause the motor to cut out without the brakes being pressed.


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sure you tried this but did you take the battery off for a bit and then put it back on? from reading on other stuff that seems to reset things sometimes