Motorized Bike Rack for heavy E-Bikes


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I am looking for a bike rack that will lower to road level for easy bike loading then raise for travel.

I own a Thule EasyFold but the cheap ramp that it comes with is useless as it pops off out of the plastic holes each time you try to run your bike up the ramp ( which is about a 35 degree slope ). Therefore I am left with heaving the 2 bikes on and off the bike rack. The problem likely is that a manufacturer does not see the wide appeal for sales on something like this. Any ideas or if you have seen one let me know.
Also, making a pulley system at home is one idea I heard but that will not help when on the road.
If anyone has the knowledge and skill to covert my Thule into an electrick version, I'm open to that as well.
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Google motorcycle carriers, or get a longer ramp, or find the correct height vertical elevation change( like a retaining wall)- you'll find one close to home if you look. Loaded dirt bikes for 20 years in my lifted dodge diesel that way.


i carrie 2 stromers i use a hollywood rack. got it on ebike trailer or something like that .it is great had for 3 years. it is a hollywood make. think it was 300$