Dear all,

My name is Pietro and I am an Italian student studying management at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. I am currently working on a group project about the e-bike industry.
How was wondering if any of you could answer a couple of questions such as what do you think about mountain e-bike? Would you ever buy one? I actually regards electric mountain bikes as cheating and going against the philosophy of mountain bike where you put effort to conquer something.

Feel free to answer and I will really appreciate your help.

Best regards



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Well I hope you stay young and fit forever, if not, and you age and stay into bicycles you may change your outlook. I bought a mountain bike this spring. Putting 1500 km,s on my electric road bike brought my overall shape up to where I could easily ride my pedal power mountain bike for a few hours on the city trails in my area. Now my area is a city where we have severe winter with snow coming usually in late November and staying till March. I was planning to add a front small wattage hub motor so the mountain bike would be effectively 2wd drive with me applying the rear power so I could extend my riding season till the mountain bike was stolen from my workplace. Now I will look into a fat bike for trail and snow riding. Possibly powered as well. Feel free to call me a cheater because frankly I could care less as long as i get to still ride.