Mountain model experience


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I own the Electric Bike Technologies Mountain model. I have a little over 100 miles on it. I'm trying to get information on some of the bike components. Is there a way to reprogram the display? I don't want to do anything with it yet while under warranty, but I might in a year. How does the torque sensor algorithm work? Any specific specifications on the Dapu motor? I can't find the motor on the Dapu website. I find one that is 250w, but I believe the bike is 350w to 720w. I don't know what the peak power is or what is continuous power. I can't find the display manufacturer either (similar displays are out there) and there is no manual for it. Any tricks out there that anyone has learned about the display features? The manufacturer has some decent video instructions, but no manual at this time. I'm really just looking for other owners out there to share experiences with.