Mounting Bushwacker bags to a Radwagon


I learned that people like the Bushwacker grocery style bags and thought I would give them a try. I found a way to mount them that is quick and simple and allows easy removal. You will need an 18" bungee and an eyebolt to make this work. I found that I needed to open the metal mounting clips on the back of the bags a small amount so they would engage the rack. I clipped the bungee to the two metal rings on the back of the bags. I cut away some of the metal on the eye of the eyebolt so the bungee could engage the eyebolt. I mounted the eyebolt to the running boards on the rear axle centerline 1.25 inches from the inside edge of the running board> Remember that you need to do that to keep the bolt away from the metal frame which holds the boards. I used blue loctite on the thread of the bolt to secure the nut with a washer under the nut. That's it, place the bag on the frame and attach the bungee to the eyebolt and tension will keep the bag securely mounted. I have thought of adding tie wraps where the top clips engage the bike rack but do not think it will be necessary. I really like that the bags can be folded against the bike when not in use.


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