Moustache FS5 EMTB mode question


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Just bought today a Moustache FS5 with a BOSCH CX motor and Intuvia console.

I was thinking that all CX drive had the EMTB mode on the Intuvia.

What can I do to have it ? Can it be program in the console by someone ?


Chris Nolte

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Are you sure you don’t have it. It will still show as Sport mode but the bottom of the screen will temporary show eMTB mode at the bottom of the screen. If it’s not they you will need a Bosch dealer to enable it with their software.


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Hi Chris,
No, nothing except Eco, tour, sport and turbo. I dont even have the Walk assist. Kindda weird.
I will do as you said and see the dealer.
I see a lot of difference in the power between my performance drive and that CX. That is what I needed. The suspension of the FS5 is a nice welcome. I still kept my Suntour SP12-NCX My back will thank me.

One question for you. I have on my FS5 an KMC X11 chain, last year I bought as a spare a Sram PC1110, do you think that I could use it in the future so as not to buy a spare KMC 11 for my new FS5 ?

Thanks for your help.



Hi I bought a fs7. Same issue. No biggy just take it to an authorised bosch dealer and tell him to plug it in and he can change it. You drop the sport mode and get the Emtb mode. Even better if you bought locally tell that dealer to do it as it will be free. Bosch dealer wants $40 near me. I bought bike from a dealer 1000kms away. His mistake for not upgrading. Apologised for oversight.

Before you do this you have to make a decision weather you want to do this. Some searching says some people prefer sport mode but depends on riding style. If more road/ fire trail orientated may prefer to stay with Sport mode. Me I'm more of like to control what I want to do. I have done just over 100kms in 3 days and loving it. . My wife's fs7 I will put Emtb mode. Say no more.

Do Canada not get fs7 as I only seen threads on NZ bikes

Cheers Steve in NZ

Ps thanks Chris for you many threads and video clips.
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Hi Steve64.
I might stay as Iam since most of the time I ride on paved or gravel road. I am scare that the emtb mode my eat my battery faster that I would like. I might be wrong, someone might tell me otherwise. My dealer is 4 km away.

NZ is far away from Canada. I bought a FS5 because of the super deal I got. More than 30% off regular. Since I own 3 e-bike, 5000$ cdn was enough for me.

Cheers John.