Moustache Lundi 26 - Some random thoughts


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I watched Court's video about the Moustache Lundi 26 and it was really chilly out there, so I think he and @Chris Nolte might have missed a couple of the more 'subtle' points about the naming which might make the lineup easier to understand for the US market.

First off, a comment about the shape of the handlebars. The handlebars are signature Moustache design and made to look like... a moustache. That's why they're shaped like an M. Many bikes in the Moustache lineup follow this same basic principle, but with some variation on the theme.

Second, the names. A lot of the bikes are named after days of the week. Moustache Dimanche (Sunday) is meant for Sunday strolls. The Lundi (Monday) is meant for groceries, commuting, etc.

It has occurred to me that it might be easier to understand the lineup by using the english weekday names for the US market. Moustache Monday is something everyone is going to understand and be able to relate to. Ditto for Moustache Friday, Saturday, and Sunday models. But then again, it might sound more exotic if you use the French names. :D

I was surprised that this particular model was selected for NYC. Last time I visited there were massive potholes in New York and a suspension fork would have seemed like a need-to-have. But I guess times change...


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Nice review on the Lundi. I hope to see some more on some of the other Moustache models. Their designs really stand out.

Chris Nolte

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Thanks for expanding on that @JayVee it was a bit cold and windy so we rushed through a bit.

I've ridden the Lundi quite a bit in the city and you'd be suprised how well those Fat Frank tires absorb the bumps and such. Between that and the suspension seat post it's a pretty comfy ride. Lately I've been riding the R&M Load a lot which is a whole other animal, but the Lundi is great to hop on and off of while siting upright and taking in the city. I guess it's a lot like then Citibikes, but the Lundi is more comfortable and similar weight despite the fact the Citibike doesn't have electric.