My 2015 Epik SE - Opinion and Questions


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Hey guys,

I have received my Epic SE two and a half weeks ago and been riding it to and from work since, about 10 miles a day.
I really like the bike, it rides fast (wish it could go faster though) and I have been mostly riding it in pedal-assist mode.

The next day after receiving it I took it to the bike shop in my neighborhood for tuning, just to make sure the wheels, brakes and all systems were properly aligned and set up.

After riding it for two weeks I can say that my biggest gripe with the bike is the brakes. Even though everything was professionally adjusted, the breaks feel soggy, they rattle and don't have any "bite" to them.
They do work but I expected something more responsive.

What I wanted to ask is whether you think I could replace both discs with after market kits, preferably hydraulic sets, I am not sure whether the brakes system that came with it is replaceable or not.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the bike, I can probably answer all of them by now.

Thank you in advance!

Tara D.

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Awesome! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your new bike! Would you be doing the breaks yourself or do you think you would have your shop change them out? I know I would need help with it myself! I thought that they would be replaceable but wanted to reach out and double check, and you should be able to! Have a great day, happy riding!

Cristine Wiseman <>


Hi Tara,
Yes, you should be able to replace the brakes just fine.
Thank you for supporting e-JOE! :)
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Hi Christine,

Thank you for your reply.
Not clear on how this is possible, the brake levers have the electrical wires built into them. How can I replace them?

Thank you!


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If you can see where they are attached to the motor and detach them, and then use them for the new brakes... IDK. might want to visit the ejoe web page and ask/email.

Ann M.

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As long as you are not using the throttle while braking, it isn't absolutely necessary to keep the motor interrupt brake levers. Kaldeem is mostly correct, the wires to the motor interrupts connect to the controller, sometimes the pair of wires (one from each brake lever) are joined together to make a single connection before reaching the controller. Tektro makes a nice hydraulic brake designed for use with ebikes, the Dorado HD-E710, that comes with a more sturdy rotor and levers that have the reed switch interrupt built in.