My 700 battery got increasingly more difficult to remove/reinstall.


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Had to pry out the battery yesterday. Then could not get it back in. I fiddled and fiddled . Finally had to lay on my back and found that a screw on the right side of the lock had worked loose and was the problem. It took a year of getting progressively worse and worse. Towards the end I had to slam the battery in with my palm. Don't have a clue how the screw could have continued out. Just a thought. If it happened to me, it has happened to others.


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a good practice is to check anything that can work it’s way loose on a regular basis…screws and bolts for the handlebars, brakes derailleur, seat and seat post. Anything that can work loose due to vibrations, bumps, and jarring that all occur while riding. Make it a part of your routine maintenance check.


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A couple relevant support links on the 700 battery: