My aluminum Stallion Went Berserk


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I had just pulled up to the stable on my alloy stallion. When I swung my leg over the saddle to dismount the leg on my shorts got hung up on the horn and we went down. I had kicked myself free of the stirrups and wasn't hurt. When I picked up my steed and took the reins he went crazy and reared straight up in the air. I let go of the rein and he came down but he was attempting to bolt. Every time I took hold of the rein to restraint him he reared again. Rear....bolt....rear bolt. he was pulling me across the sand lot. I was running frantically along side trying my best to hold onto him. Finally, I let go of him and he threw himself again. Then I realized that the first time he went down his forend had rotated 180 degrees. Every time I twisted the grip to turn it off I was turning it on. Now before I stop I turn the PAS to zero. For a minute there it was a good thing I didn't have a gun. I might have shot him.


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Many that like throttles prefer a thumb throttle, due to inadvertent acceleration of twist throttles. Twist grip throttles, the power is always under hand, not so with a thumb throttle.

I hope you and the bike are okay!


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So I'm not the only one. :)

Opening the stable door after a supply run with the mule, I accidentally yanked the reins, and the danged thing ran right up the wall, knocking over the shoe rack, causing the cat to bolt, spilling its water dish.

Never again. I learnt my lesson right good.