My battery is stuck won't disconnect!


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My bike is still running fine no issues yet with the battery connector (knock on wood). I have a 2" wide velcro strap strapped around it, hope it helps.


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You might want to use an extra strap to secure the battery as preventive maintenance. They apparently made some quality and tolerance improvement on some bikes, but I would not risk it.

I have an RCS, the seat tube shim is so cheesy. The bike is a great bike though, so I put up with the smaller issues. I'me over 2K km in less than a year, I hope to make 2500km for 12 months even though it sat idle for many of the winter months. A lot depends on the weather now.
I'm not following the seat shim problem you're experiencing. My seat post doesn't have a shim. I did remove the handle and use an Allen wrench to tighten. Primarily to discourage theft of my expensive seat post.