My Bike Was Stolen 😤 Time For An Upgrade! 😎


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I bought a brand new KHS 500 fat bike from Luna Cycles less than a year ago and it was a blast. I really loved the bike and rode the crap out of it.

Unfortunately my bike was stolen from my home last month. Good news is insurance money came in and I’m ready to get something new.

Over the past 4 weeks I have test road every high performance EBike I could get my hands on. From the Sur Ron X, to the CAB Recon, even the Stealth B52.

I come from a heavy motorcycle background so generally I ride these bikes like I stole them. I also noticed that I rode my “Ludicrous Upgraded” BBHSD so hard that the power levels and battery range seemed to drop the more I used it. I was in the process of adding an additional front hub motor and bigger battery to increase performance when it was stolen.

So now I’m at a crossroads in my search. While I love the really high power bikes out there, I also HAVE to be able to pedal functionally. I want to be able to exercise occasionally and lift it onto my bike rack with the help of another person. I’m also hoping to be able to get away with taking it on some single track trails like I could with the KHS 500.

The Luna Apex seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, considering it had a bigger battery, Ultra motor, fat tires (I ride in soft sand often) and an option to bypass the rear derailleur (which I generally hate dealing with) but its been out of stock for almost a year. Not sure if it’s coming back?

Can anyone recommend an ebike that will have the following:

  • Minimum 1500 Watt Motor (Open to mid/hub or a combination of both)
  • Minimum 20 amp hour battery
  • Minimum Tire Width Of 4 inches
  • Throttle
  • Something with enough torque to wheelie somewhat easily. (I’m 5’6, 150 lbs)

The following features would be a really nice bonus, but not “required”. I’m realistic and know not every bike can have all of this:

  • Cadence Sensor (Good) or
Torque Sensor (Better)

  • Any kind of gear hub that that eliminate a clunky derailleur.

  • Tire width larger than 4” (My KHS was 4.8)

If your suggestion is to go custom build, I would need to find a builder in Southern California willing to make it as there is no way I can do a project like that myself. As well as start with a really solid base bike to build upon.

I’m not apposed to using multiple motors or battery’s to get the results I’m looking for.

I will be using this bike for:

-My only vehicle when traveling to different states and campgrounds.

-Open Trail Adventures that include climbing very steep inclines and going over large rocks

-Single Track if I can get away with it

-Beach days while riding in soft sand

-Wheelies around town

(I’m a torque addict)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions at all. I’m really exited to get back on the road and willing to pay what it takes to get exactly what I want.


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Petaluma, CA
This is the most heavy duty IGH out there. Pop on a TSDZ2 750W with a torque sensor. Because it weighs less you can save on battery weight also for the same performance. And it will be legal. I do IGH builds all the time and am crazy about them. My 350W out runs an Ultra. We do group rides so it is easy to tell who is ahead of the pack with four bars and who is lagging behind and down to one bar on their battery.