My BULLS FS 3 29 as far as power goes.


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Took deliver at the end of April. First must say this bike is well engineered and rides better than any ebike I have ridden in terms of handling and ride quality. BULLS puts together a high quality MTB. I tried all the assist levels with a variety of conditions and surfaces. In general, I worked much harder than with the 350w Bosch CX
powered Haibike I owned previously. In fairness to BULLS, I am 6'2, 250 lbs, and would naturally assume a smaller rider would not have the same experience. Also, while I had big problems with the BULLS dealer I purchased through (they shall remain nameless), interacting directly with Barney at BULLS USA was a positive experience; they were very responsive and went above and beyond to remedy the issues I had with my bike. The point of this review is to let the larger riders know what my experience was. I would not hesitate to buy another BULLS (Bosch powered) bike in the future, in fact looking forward to seeing what the next few years will bring. Hoping the mid drive manufacturers will create 500-750w/48v/30A (fully integrated) systems for the riders that NEED more assist. Bafangs are there but the riding experience is no where near as natural feeling and no real integration. The quality of any motors torque and cadence sensors directly corresponds to ride quality and natural feel. BULLS/brose would be perfect (for me) in a 500w nominal/1000w peak design.
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