My chain is jumping off the chain ring on my Creo


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Oh, @mschwett and @VoltMan99 are really being helpful tonight! ;)

And as I think about it, trying to move the change one link (or two or three or X) back or forth will not be easy as the odds are I will lose my grip and the chain will fall inside and jam once again! o_O

Bike shop it is! But I really don't have to worry since the next five days are RAIN! But do you think the bike shop will understand what I'm talking about - that the chain has to be in some sync with the TOOTH? Is there a term for this. "align outer link with inner tooth!"
I don't think it will be that hard if you release the clutch. The mark is on the backside of the chain ring and the shop should be familiar with it. I used a silver marker to make a line on the front side. Most likely as Rincon said, it's time to think about a new chain. We have a really fine grit that gets on the chain in our wet weather.

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I know understanding of the Wave chainring might feel difficult for you but please read these posts:

The diagrams shown there can help. It is essential that you have a close look at the chainring and the chain on it from the top. As Allan has just said, you need to release the clutch to be able to manipulate the chain position on the chainring.

Note: The Praxis Wave and Shimano-based Wide-Narrow chainrings (for both design, each two subsequent chainring teeth are different or differently located) have been made for a sole purpose: to prevent the chain jumping off.

Now, imagine my frustration of the last Summer. I have replaced the chainring on my Vado, which also involved replacing a chain with a new, shortened one. I seemed to do everything correctly to find out on a test ride the chain was skipping... Ah. I forgot aligning the chain links on the chainring! After having that fixed, I was totally sure my work was over. To realize I forgot engaging the clutch... :D
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