My City Commuter just shutdown.

The bike turned on just fine, lights and display looked good. I turned the throttle and nothing happened, so I switched the battery off and on, but the bike will not come back on. I replaced the display because the odometer broke at about 5000 miles anyways, the new display didn't help, still no power.

The bike has about 7500 miles on it, and the battery is new, I tried the old battery as well and still no power. So new battery, new display, but no power, what next?


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Wire loom? Did it throw any Err. codes while riding? My threw random error codes for about a week and one day it just never turned back on. Turns out the wire loom got damaged somewhere in the frame near the bottom bracket. The shop had a new loom on hand and swapped it really fast. No idea on cost, was covered under warranty. Please post your findings and good luck!

Thomas Jaszewski

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New and old are pretty much useless descriptions. Always confirm and share voltage readings. Some system will shutdown with bad components. Brake cutout switch activated? Speed sensor operational? Is the throttle working? We should all have multimeters to check voltage as well to Test wire continuity.