My Commuter-Giant Road-E+ 1


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well, i had a new motor installed at 3,900 miles! i brought it in for a squeak, and that was the remedy. unfortunately the squeak was quickly back and i still need to have my friend check out the bike to see the source. it seems to be more pronounced on hills.

at 3,630mi., i swapped the rear tire. there was a spot worn away. convention is to put the new on the front and the existing front on the rear, but i didn't care to at the time. i also added the boomerang alarm which has been lackluster. it has poor battery life and the alarm was going off delayed. hopefully their V2 is much better!

at 3,704mi. i swapped the pedals to Shimano T8000. these have been great! they have reflectors on both sides, and the pins that you rest your foot on give a lot of traction to your shoes. they are meant for touring but have XT level SPD clip ins if you ride with clips.

at 3,771 i added new yellow handlebar tape. i don't clean my bikes incessantly, so this was a mistake. better to stick with black tape. i once had white tape on a road bike...

at 3,782 i added locktite to the Springer's bolt. it was wiggling loose. i also added dielectric to the battery. didn't see any significant corrosion, however.

post new motor:
at 483mi. and with the new motor installed, i had a rear flat. i put on new tape at this time and greased the headset. the headset had a little grease and a little dirt in it, but i cleaned everything and put marine grease in. bearings seemed smooth.

at 716mi. (today), I installed a new chain (Shimano CN-HG7011). looking back, i don't see at what point i installed the old chain. maybe it was at 2.4k, making the total mileage about 2.2k. it was about 1/8" stretched. not too concerned but plan to replace the chainrings and cassette at the next ~2k interval.

this bike has been really great. i can see myself ultimately phasing out my truck and using my partner's vehicle when need be. i'm shooting for 12k+ miles on the bike without any major out of pocket costs.


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post new motor cont.:

at 748 mi. the bike was skipping in 12T, 13T and 14T but most evident in 13T. i reasoned it was the cassette and added an Ultegra cassette.

at 790mi. i flatted the front tire with a screw. the front tire has a lot of small cuts in it.

at 863mi. i replaced the rear brake pads. trued both front and rear rotors.rear drive side laterally trued.

at 935mi. there was a rear flat b/c of small piece of glass. lots of cuts on this tire after just 1.2k miles.

at 975mi. 10/6 i took the bike in to Go-Ride for service b/c of a broken spoke. they added 2 washers per each bolt per Giant's suggestion. the Yamaha motor probably didn't even need to be replaced!

at 1,095mi. on 10/17 the creaking resumed. ahhh, my old friend. only 120mi. of peace.

at 1,111mi. on 10/18 the rear light fell off mid-ride!

at 1,127mi. on 10/20 i replaced the rear light's bolt with a spare from Light and Motion since I bought extra mounts and made sure to blue Loc-Tite it in. it was a M4 SS with a 2.5mm flat head socket cap, 9.8mm length in total, with a 2.6mm head height...adjusted the rear derailleur's cable and noticed the barrel adjuster's threads were partially stripped. the derailleur feels as though it has slop in it...i replaced the front brake pads (could have been good for 200+mi. more?). the left pad was worn unevenly.

at 1,261mi. on 11/4 the replaced the chainring with a 50T Shimano FC-5750. it was $30 and was designed for 2x 10s but works fine with 11s. ever since the cassette replacement at 748mi., the chain would still skip in those gears especially 12T. this entirely eliminated that skip. my chainring was pretty worn out, and i even had chain suck earlier.

at 1,388 miles to date (11/12), or 5,288mi. on everything i replaced the rear tire (which amounts to 1,650mi. for a new one). tires aren't that durable, but i like the gumwall look. put the front on the rear and the new one on the front. the motor creaking! gah it's back and as loud as it was when going back to Go-Ride for the second time. it's something i may just have to deal with it, although it's especially pronounced when climbing.

so my take:
1. still really enjoy the bike! the ongoing costs are a lightly higher than i expected with brake pad replacements, warranty trips and drivetrain wear.
2. Giant would be wise to better spec it with: wider tires, 1x chainring, more rear spokes, some dampening (carbon fork/frame? more traditional tubing shapes?), 180mm rotor in the front and/or rear, tighter motor mount tolerances

The Revolt E+ Pro seems to have some of these attributes. Anyone know if it goes 28MPH (Class 3)? Would love to take it for a ride.