My Daily Commuter: A BBSHD Build

Hello one and all,

I recently stumbled across this forum and it appears to be a place for a wealth of information for all things E-biking. So I ought to say hello and introduce my current build.

My daily commuter...of which so far I have roughly covered 12K miles since initial build. (I'll also add I no longer own a car.)

The base of this project was a standard CUBE touring pro from 2017, but the frame and head are really all that now remains. The current spec is as follows (As photoed)

Frame: CUBE Touring pro: DB Alu.
Motor: BBSHD @ 30 Amps.
Battery: Home built 52V shark, circa 14Ah, with NCR18650G cells @ 3600mAh.
Controller: Custom mapped to my preferences, with 9 level assist uncapped.
Gearing: Shimano Alfine 8 rear, 52T Narrow/Wide Front.
Rims: DT Swiss Comp.
Brakes: Hope E4 V3. (Braided lines)
Disks: Hope Fully Floating 160mm Rear, 180mm Front.
Tyres: Energizer Pro Touring.

I have a few upgrades this week pending arrival:

Shocks: RockShox Paragon Gold RL
Dynamo: Shutter Precision in a new DT rim
Lighting: Busch + Müller IQ-X
Headset: Hope

My next goal is to remove the unwanted screen from the BBSHD control system. For which I will post updates. And if anyone has any questions regarding Befang I have gained a lot of knowledge over these last couple of years. I'll sign off looking forward to speaking with you all and with some photos of the progressing build:



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