My Delta X arrived!


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Assembly was a breeze. Unboxing to final adjustments took under 2 hours, mostly because I took some time getting the seat adjusted. No instructions for the install but it was easy and intuitive. I initially put the handlebars on upside down which added about 15 minutes and then ten minutes more to get them finally adjusted. The only issue with fit was that I had to adjust the front fender a tad to center it on the wheel. I was nervous about buying a direct to buyer bike but Evelo test fitted everything or else their manufacturing tolerances are extremely tight. I do have an email out to them about a clicking sound when taking off under throttle.

Their welcome box was thoughtful and unexpected. It included a multitool which had to be a 20-40 dollar gift and a nice keychain/light. The keychain was appreciated and needed- they include 4 battery keys and a reorder tab, and the branded lock I bought had three more keys.

They included tools for assembly and they are much better quality than I would expect. I have my own tools but didn't bother to grab them- these aren't cheap, one and done tools like I have gotten with semi expensive furniture. Everything I needed was there plus a couple things that I didn't use. Maybe not Craftsman or Snapon but very good quality. If they dropped a stitch at all, it was in putting those tools in a ziploc baggie instead of a nicer pouch. I briefly owned a Pedego bike and their tools came bundled in a plastic scabbard- otherwise I wouldn't have noticed. All in all, I am well satisfied with everything included and the thorough way it was packed.

Their 21 day free test ride must be a joke- there is no way I am going to disassemble and rebox that thing! Either they get royalties on zip ties or they just love using them but there were a ton of overkill zippies and the packing was suitable to shipping crystal goblets, not just a bike! I half filled the shipping container with packing materials and tossed out a pound or two of one use stuff- incredibly well packed.

Seriously though, I can't see returning this bike, it is gorgeous. The video reviews must be of older versions as all the cables are hidden and it is a very clean looking machine. The exposed wires in the handlebar area are minimal and neatly secured. I am reserving judgment on the seat as it is almost road bike style with thin padding. My rump is also well padded but I haven't been on a road bike in years and don't intend to wear padded shorts on my commute.

I haven't really ridden it yet as I didn't get to open the carton till about 8 pm. My house is at the top of a long, steep driveway- easily 45 degrees. I went from a dead stop to the top of the hill under throttle only after I used the right gearing. About 220 pounds of me plus the 65 pound bike moved effortlessly. This thing is a beast- goosed the throttle on the parking area and the rear tire broke traction! I was a bit concerned about the weight of the bike when ordering but it was a non issue, even without power assist. It pedals smoothly and feels like a much lighter ride. Evelo is a bit cagey about speeds and power but no one would ever say this is underpowered. I can't imagine the higher power assist levels getting much use. I will update with pics and a ride review soon.