My Dillenger entire kit collapsed

Mike Treen

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I bought a Dillinger kit a bit over a year ago. Over the course of the year each part failed. Within six months spokes broke and the motor had failed, then the controller, then the battery. I had hoped, given the complete failure, they would accept late claims for the motor at least. No luck. This is an email from my ebike mechanic.
To Whom it may concern ;

Electric Bike conversion KIT supplied To Mr; Mike Treen

As per our discussion relating to the numerous breakdowns on your electric bike we are here listing the events as they happened.
All of these breakdowns have now been sorted - buts its been over 12 months of re-occurring trouble.

start July 2017 - rear hub motor spokes giving up
most components look nearly new / un used

August - rear hub motor giving up / controller burned out

replaced both

October - LCD display replacement - water ingress ?

And then just February 2018 - battery collapse . Cell given up . BMS shutting down.

We know of Motorlifetech and Charlie who are the supplier of these components.
In our view It would seem that the supplier has supplied a setup which as a whole has failed in every way possible.

Feel free to contact us on any of the below listed addresses

Yours sincerely


I think it's interesting that no one has replied to your thread with counter-evidence of their own kits doing well. Surely there must be some kits still functioning?


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Sorry to hear that your having so many problems.

I have (2) Dillenger 350 watt front geared hub kits that have been very reliable. I have the v4 and v5 LCD screens and both have worked fine in heavy rain. These are the same screens that are used in the other kits (except the arc kits). The dolphin batteries have also held up well in the wet.

Which kit did you get? I was thinking about getting the 1000 watt (non-arc) kit.
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Donnie Wilson

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Bought a 1000 Watt Bike kit for my Trek Dual Sport the Dillenger website was unclear on what rim size to order but I gave my best shot with information that was provided. Received the wrong kit and asked Dillenger for an exchange here is their response:


I checked with the owner and unfortunately, we can't do returns or exchanges, as explained on our website:

As you have been sent what you ordered, a 24" kit, we can't offer a return. You can have the motor laced into a bigger rim by a local bike shop so you can use it in combination with your bike.

In today's online environment of good customer service, this is not customer service and I would advise anyone considering an Ebike kit to look elsewhere.