My e-Bike battery management in a short video


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I know there are others here very much more versed when it comes to lithium based batteries, but having flown complex drones for years, and intelligently managed their (expensive) battery packs to get the most out of them, I know much of what I have learned applies to e-Bike packs as well. They do not do well when left fully charged for days on end, and the battery loses more and more chemical efficiency (available power) each time it is nearly depleted. It is best to fully charge the battery during the night before you plan to use it, and in my case, with a 48 volt battery, I still get 30 miles of good exercise and have about 46 volts of battery remaining when I get home, which is the approxiamte realm of perfect storage somewhere around 40%. I'm interested in what other folks do.

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