My E-bike wobbles at all times


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So I had my E-bike for about 3 months or so. It's a regular Arrow E-bike which most delivery men use. I recently inflated my tires to a very high psi. At the moment I didnt know when to stop inflating because I was using a gas-station air pump, but u can definitely notice that the tires were too inflated. The next day I was riding the bike and noticed that the bike vibrates a lot more and the bike also slightly wobbles left and right at any speeds. I noticed the "wobble" more on the handle bars. I tried to drop my tire psi but it didnt help with the wobble. Also my rear tire has a white line around it and when I look at the line, it looks like the like is slightly wavy as if I might have stretched/damaged the tire. Now I dont know if there is a simple solution or I need repairs. Please any know about this problem?

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I had a problem a bit like yours. The tyre had not seated properly on the rim and became permanently damaged.

Lift up your front wheel – because it's more likely to be the culprit – and spin it. Watch where the tyre passes close to forks. Does the tyre look perfectly round or does it 'wobble and bounce'. If the tyre is not properly seated, hasten to a bike shop.

There is another possibility: your rim/s are not true. Spin your wheel/s as above but this time check whether the rim is running true.
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If your tires are tube type, the simplest thing to try is deflate, inspect and remount the tube & tire. With the bike off the ground, inflate to the proper pressure. Spin each tire to check balance and look for deformities in the tire or rim. If that doesn't help, you may have broken cords in the tire casing or stretched the beads. In that case, replacement will likely be necessary.


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You also need a good hand/foot pump with a gauge. I check my tire pressure weekly. Air actually leaks through the tube material. If you use a CO2 cartridge it can leak out even faster (smaller molecules). I blew a tire once filling it at a gas station. I like to use my little hand pump when I'm on the road as I have a pretty good feel for it. Next time you have it inflated properly give your tire a squeeze and see what it feels like. Remember that feel when you don't have access to a gauge. Sounds like the tire is either strehed or no longer seated properly because of the overinflation.