My E-Joe Epik SE


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Can you tell us what you did to resolve your flat tire problem?

Hi Vandon,

I took the pictures of the parts for you (with sandy details after a thunder stormy day).
I am aware that on one of the pics, the screw's package says size #6-32, while the nut is #8-32, but I "think" that's what fit mine.
The reason why I say "I think" is that I bought sets of #6-32 and #8-32 for both screw and nut, just in case. And, one of the combination worked quite well.

As far as not being able to ship SE with a full fender, I think that is the next agenda for the company to consider. Meanwhile, people can use the hack I came up with. SKS fenders also matches the black color.

I would want them to also consider equipping with more durable tires by default, since the default Kenda tires went flat after three weeks. My new Schwalbe is holding up impressively so far.

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Can you tell us what you did to resolve your flat tire problem?

I simply got rid of the Kenda default tires and holed tube.
Then, I replaced those with (size 20 x 1.75) and the matching Schwalbe tube (size AV 7), as well as Mr Tuffy (

Mr Tuffy could be an overkill, though, it's just additional layer of protection against bumpy and ill-conditioned Cambridge streets.
I might be more interested in this style of fenders.

For the first link, as long as there is a hole at the front of the fender, I think it would work. I am not if this one extends long enough toward the end of the wheel though, it doesn't look as 180 degrees as SKS covers. But I can see this working, as long as you get that Velo Orange eyelet-less fender mount.

For the 2nd link, I am not sure if V-shape mount-type would work well, even with the eyelet-less mount.

You prefer the styles of this because of the mud flap?


Do you think you can put these flap extenders (wide open) on the original fenders and maybe bend them down?
Good to know! Are you very glad you have this bike instead of the Lite?

To tell a bit of my background, when I made my purchase, it was more of a choice between Easy Motion Neo Volt and e-JOE Epik SE. Now, Neo Volt's price got lowered to $1799, it was still $2499 back then.

If the Neo Volt's price was $1799, it would've been surely a tough call, as Volt comes with a torque sensor and fenders, dynamo hub, etc. (But it weighs about 50 pounds, plus having to take out the battery pack every time in order to charge + it just folds weird would've been the shortcomings)

Lite was out of my radar, due to lack of front suspension fork / 7 speed / no disc brake, weaker battery, etc. The only thing that I wanted out of Lite was the fenders.

After I got my SE, I did take a lot of time researching for fenders to come to my current solution. Now, I have a truly upgraded version of Lite.