My emazing Apollo plus E bike


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I live in a area of some pretty steep hills I was reading about the bikes and saw that if you do a lot of hills do you want to get one with the motor by the pedals I found this one at ELV motors in Santa Clara CaliforniaTried it out was very happy with it and bought it that afternoon it’s not inexpensive for an E bike at $2700 but I think the value is there. The company that represents the bike is located in Sunnyvale California and has been doing business since 2011 this was important to me that the bike her vocal representation and someone that had a history. I could highly recommend this bike to anyone that is looking for a reliable and powerful hill climber in third or fourth gear with the fifth level of assist I can climb very steep hills as though I were bicycling on flat ground the bicycle is also very light at roughly 37 pounds and has a great display as well as a throttle after I bought the bike I upgraded The seat post to one made by KINEKT that is fully sprung this complements the front suspension sensor is not in the back in addition I put on a set of handgrips that are a very comfortable leather as opposed to the stock grips which I found to be a little harsh on my hands. The manufacturer advertised as a range of up to 90 miles since my longest ride so far has only been about 10 milesI have not had any range anxiety with the bike.


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Welcome aboard Sinaregg, happy to have you. That is a fine looking bike, and your upgrades make it comfortable. I like the weight of it. Good luck and enjoy your rides.