My experience with Walmart Electric Bikes


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... Also found her front v-brakes dragging on one side and I will need to re-dish that wheel to center it between the calipers.
You shouldn't have to mess with the wheel to correct the dragging. V-brakes usually have a small screw on each arm, down by the pivot point, that adjusts the spring tension. Tighten the tension and that arm will move away from the rim.

A quality ebike purchased today will not be outdated in six months. Not even a year. And a $4000 ebike is a quality $1800+ bike to begin with, with a quality ebike drive.

Bicycles of any type don't hold their monetary value well. After 5 years of ebiking I can honestly say a quality ebike holds up very well. Many of us have put 5, 10 and 20,000+ miles on ebikes. That's quality of life value! And money well spent.

Welcome to the forum, Glen. I think you'll find a good ebike that fits your needs. There are a few good value priced brands and a few good discount dealers around. Good luck in your search!
Great response!


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In countries like China, there must be 9 million ebikes like the Hyper, and there's probably a shop in every neighborhood where someone can keep your shifters/brakes adjusted, and check out the motor and electrics. I'm able to live with inexpensive ebikes because I've got some tech skills and was willing to learn about the simpler ebikes.

Really, I have no wish to screw around with regen, antilock brakes, eletcronic shifting, 28 mph. A throttle, PAS, and 500W is enough.

My wife was falling behind today because the chain would only stay on low gear, and with a 15 mph wind, PAS 1 wasn't enough, I confess I had to go home and look up the fix on Google. Oh, OK. Turn the tension barrel on the shifter cable. Three clicks ( a half turn) did the trick, Also found her front v-brakes dragging on one side and I will need to re-dish that wheel to center it between the calipers. I decided to upgrade to a front disk this winter as her fork is compatible, Already got a spare wheel with rotor, An Avid BB7 caliper is $35. It really doesn't take much to upgrade components.
Actually, ebikes in China are mostly 50cc scooter looking ebikes.
Ebikes like Hyper are mainly for USA/Canada market.

Those eMTB or bicycle-looking ebikes are not that popular in China.



Hi Everyone,
I've had some time to reflect since my post and thought I would share what I've done since that post. In Jan 2020 I picked up a Kent 700c step thru at Walmart. Once I received the bike, my OCD kicked in and went to work going through the bike. Adjusting brakes, derailleur, tightened and torques all nuts,screws bolts even using thread lock. Tightens and adjusted all spokes and trued the wheels. Took apart the front forks,headset,bearings in pedals,front wheel hub bearings to check for grease all had plenty but I cleaned and replaced with my own grease. The forks are cheap made by Mode with only a single coil spring with a damping adjustment.

Added a different seat, rear rack, lights and added a Ranico pc commuter to help with distance and miles. Its cheap but does pretty well in distance and total miles. Compared distance and miles against it with my car on the same route and also use a cycling app in addition. I ride approximately 10 to 20 miles a day weather permitting. There have been a few occasions where I ride what we have here in Houston greenway paths along the Bayous. This bike has done 27 miles which that path ended and with 2 bars left in Mode 1 . When I go to mode 2 or 3 the battery wont last as long, I'm also on and off this bike a lot during my rides along the bayous to do a little fishing. So stopping and going I believe has a impact on the battery life. As of writing this the bike approximately has over 1100 trouble free miles. Not a single flat, no chain falling off, no electrical issues. I did contact Kent for replacement brake pads and was told that the pads cant be removed. So for $20 that includes shipping I received front and back calipers with pads.

As far as I can tell, the bike frame looks very similar to a Espin Flow ebike. I keep up with regular maintenance and it has been rock solid for me. Its comfortable , super quiet and zippy. A noisy bike doesn't work well with me hence my OCD. I have been chasing down a rattle for some time that seemed to be coming somewhere around the front. I did everything I could to find the culprit but no luck. But then one day as I took the battery out of the bike after my ride I felt a light knock. Sure enough it had been my battery moving around against the enclosure. I opened up the battery and installed plastic straws at certain points of the battery frame to dampen the battery knocking on the inside case which is a reention case ( see pic). And yes that fixed the knocking issue. I know that once I opened the battery the warranty has been voided. But I needed to know the inside of this battery, whats inside and how well its put together. Kent states Samsung batteries and I can not say for sure they are since I did not remove the battery from its case. But the color of the battery might be right.

When I called Kent to inquire about a second battery, they stated $325.00 that included shipping. In February 2020, the bike went on sale for a short period for $598.00. I pulled the trigger and now have a second bike in the attic for spare parts and got an extra battery. Recently when charging my battery I was getting a green/red light blinking on the charger. I thought it might the battery going bad. So I took my second charger and all was fine. Looks like if the charger flashes red and green on the charger its either the coil is shorted or the rectifier tube is broken according the manual. Will be calling Kent to see about a replacement. In the pics you will see a 2in velcro strap around the battery. This is for my piece of mind only when riding as a extra secure measure for me. How much longer will the bike last I am not sure but will up date of any new develpoments.


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Kudos for being a Google/YouTube mechanic. 70% of my calls and emails could have sorted with a simple Google search. I never mind helping, but can’t help but wonder why some of us find it hard to find help and answers. I’m a crappy writer so I often Google a customers request so I can include pictures, videos, or other helpful bits that can clarify my response.

It’s all just a Google away...

I think the reason people don't use YouTube or Google for answers is because they don't know the questions. I totally agree with Harry, if your going to get a low-end bike don't be afraid to work on most stuff yourself, in most cases it's swapping out components. Often, on anything I tackle, I use my phone and take photos of how it came apart or what color wire went where.


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Ebikes are evolving rapidly in a growing market and competition is very competitive. I could pay $4,000 or $5,000 for an ebike. But knowing today what I buy at that price will be outdated in 6 months and a new and improved model with better technology will be out for less , and the rotation will continue in the coming future . Bikes from the 60s and 70s still on the road today because of good materials used , but those days are long gone. I chose to go this route telling myself what ever ebike I choose it will be a throw away to move on to more power, range, technology.
Quite frankly, I do not see ebikes going to much more speed so, though there may have more uphill torque, they won’t go much faster. Regulations will get ahead of much of this and yes, price will likely go down but maybe not by much. New features such as ABS and all-wheel drive will likely become quite popular.

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responsible posters? who? you?

I don't know what to say man, you can check Hyper and Ancheer reviews on YouTube by yourself. They're real buyers, they do show both pros and cons, etc.

There are tons of them. 😁Many of them have owned for a several months.

Unlike EBR review, where they test only brand new bike and only review initial impressions, some of those Hyper and Ancheer ebikers use them on daily basis.

I didn't say components are good, in the end, they're not Trek or Specialized. However I found that they're generally happy with their purchase.

Agree with you. I have an Hyper eBike from Walmart for four months as of this date and has been riding it for 20 miles per day. Not bad at all! I bought it for $598 (last June) but is now on sale at Walmart website for $398. I firmly believe it is an excellent deal for a recreational rider (like me) and can still get a cardio workout. This bike is solid and will last longer than expected if mostly use in city riding, and not on a rough rocky terrain. Practical, low cost and will take you to point A to B.


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On some snooty bike forums, these products are known as BSO's... Bicycle Shaped Objects. ;)

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Agree with you. I have an Hyper eBike from Walmart for four months as of this date and has been riding it for 20 miles per day. Not bad at all! I bought it for $598 (last June) but is now on sale at Walmart website for $398. I firmly believe it is an excellent deal for a recreational rider (like me) and can still get a cardio workout. This bike is solid and will last longer than expected if mostly use in city riding, and not on a rough rocky terrain. Practical, low cost and will take you to point A to B.
Wow!! $398 is a steal!! 😲



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I just clicked all the way up to putting in my CC and my goodness, this is a smokin deal. 39 bucks for 2 year warranty, front suspension, i might get it just to have for houseguests. Similar to Espin Flow, no? Whoops, just noticed brakes no bueno...


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So I decided to purchase a electric bike at Walmart for the simple fact they are really good about returns and value. I have been skiddish about ordering from other companies due to the possible damage that might occur in shipping. I live in Houston which is pretty flat. The first Ebike I ordered was the Hyper 36v 250w E-ride City 700c. which arrived in 2 days and box was almost in pristine condition. After I assemble the bike I was really impressed with the build quality , components and how smooth and quiet it was. Was pretty zippy and got over 19 miles on one charge. Unfortunately within 1 week there was a grinding sound in the pedal cranks. I called Hyper and customer service was awesome. Very quick to answer the phone professional and polite. I was told that the issue sounded like it needed a new crank set. But it would take many, many, many weeks to get the parts and was advised not to ride and to return the bike to Walmart which I did hassle free. So I could have done an exchange but if a company doesn't carry parts why bother.

Then I ordered the KENT 27.5 36v 350w MTB. Took almost 5 days to receive, making 4 stops from S.C. to Houston,Tx. and once arrived box was trashed by the delivery company being held together with shipping tape. I knew in my gut I was going to have issues and I was right. Once un-packed parts were missing and there was damage to the battery. The battery housing was chipped were the locking latch goes. Therefore the battery would not lock in place. Also a pedal was missing , frayed cables, loose spokes. After spending some time snugging up spokes and truing wheels, adjusting all cables and hub bearings front wheel. Making sure all screws and bolts snug and tight and going thru the bike looking for other possible issues before I call. Received the bike on a Saturday and Kent customer service is only open Mon./Fri. I called Monday morning and explained my issues and they said send info and pictures which I did 30min after hanging up phone. Customer service stated they would need a day to get back with me. Tuesday came around still no response so I emailed all info and pics again just in case they didn't receive. Still no word so I called Wednesday and spoke to another person who wanted me to send all info and pics to them and they would get right on it. A red flag went up for me when Kent customer service stated they didn't even know Kent had electric bikes. Long story short, was told to return to Walmart instead of them sending a new battery and peddle. Which I did hassle free. Again why exchange if a company doesn't carry parts. Unfortunately never got to ride the bike.

One approach is to order a second bike and hopefully get one complete unit out of the two and then return one of them.
I had to do that with a table saw from Sears.


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That is a steal with free shipping. Add a second battery for $200 and a 4 year protection plan for $49.00 that covers Mechanical & Electrical Failures. Hmm thinking.
Unlike other ebike companies, Walmart's excellent (30 day?) return policy when something goes wrong.

I see so many members on EBR stranded with defect online ebike, not the case with this bike... because Walmart.