My Favorite Bike Trails in the Northeastern US


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They've finally opened the final South bound leg of the Old Putnam Line Rail_trail where the South County Trail turns into the Putnam Greenway and into Van Cortlandt Park/Bronx... past the pond and along side the golf course and then the park.
There are men still working on cleanup but the path is accessible. I hope they address the poor grading at the North marker where you can see you are greeted by a large puddle after a heavy rain.



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We ride the Erie canal very often and I can't begin to say which part is my favorite. I love that going into Rochester and beyond it really opens up on the canal. But at the same time going out of Fayetteville to Oneida offers different sights along the way, I love the rows of turtles basking on the logs. Little Falls area is very cool with the rock cutaways and one of our first rides this year was from Lockport to Buffalo! Our rides average 40-55 miles most times.
One ride we don't do as often because of the people count and traffic, is the trail going around Onondaga lake. We went this past Sunday since it was cooler we figured the traffic would be better and it was. Also we didn't realize it until we got around to the State fair side and found that they had added another mile or so of trail! All in all when we got back to the car we had done a 20 mile ride, Not bad since when we started we usually only got a little over 10 because it didn't go nearly as far around. Supposedly they are still working to get it all the way around the lake. Where we turned around there was two large ramp structures on either side of the railroad tracks that weren't connected yet so they are obviously still working towards that goal.
I don't find the rail trails that boring, we have seen all kinds of wild life such as Deer, Geese, Bunnies, woodchucks (Baby ones too), squirrels, of course chipmunks, Quail, Turkey, Ducks and fish jumping completely out of the water and so much more, beautiful scenery, fresh wholesome air, color changes in the fall, people who live near the canal have many interesting backyards that butt up to the trail. I think if your bored you just need to look around more lol, it is so wonderful being out on the trail and away from the Rat race!


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Over the past week they've added a few official Empire State bike stops at major entry points with a granite block bench, rack, maps, tools and a pump on the South County Trail at...
Great Hunger Memorial, Ardsley
Farragut Ave, Hastings On Hudson
Tibbetts Brook Park, Yonkers
There's been one near the transition from South County to North County Trail in Elmsford for some time now.



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Curious how you transport your ebikes on your Subaru while towing that camper? On a roof rack?
I'm sorry bikeman, I missed this. I use a Swagman fat tire eBike hitch rack on the back of the Aliner ( its a pop up, if you didn't know) for my 26" fattie and my wife's folder goes inside the rig, right behind the entrance door. It fits perfect. Her bike counters the rear overhang and weight of my bike, sans battery of course, and tows perfectly, no sway what so ever.