My FIRST 20 Mile Ride


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After 15 months in hospitals & bed, with all the fear of having not bought the Pedego everyone said I HAD to buy to ever have the slightest chance for "fun & reliability", well, today I said ENOUGH! As afraid as I was of both the bike exploding or my body exploding, off I went. One bad note, my still camera DID fail (but doi not "explode"!) after I rode from my home to the Oceanside Harbor where a dear old friend (passed away a few years ago) used to be in charge of the Harbor Police, and I tried to do a short video and my camera just died on me. But I made a 22 mile round trip plus a couple more neighborhood miles and my computer showed 6 miles remaining. I rode the entire trip at full throttle from 18-22 MPH at level 4 assist. NOT BAD in my book at least....

The much larger memory foam/gel beach cruiser seat really has added comfort and I hope today and the sheer FUN I had for the first time in 15 months is just the START of better times for me. I feel SO free and on this bike, I am not that old cripple the world sees any other time. A day so well lived it almost makes an old Marine cry.:) What a WONDERFUL start. The video I TRIED to make that crashed & burned is at my YouTube page or try:


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