My first functional test ride on my VeeGo 750


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One of the reasons I got the VeeGo 750 fatty was for hunting. My son and I hunt on 120 acres of private land in the nw GA hills and there is not a flat spot on the property. Yesterday I used the bike to set up my turkey blind. My last bike was about sixty years ago with one speed and no front brakes, so this was my first real test on an mtb of any kind. I lowered the seat to where I could flat foot and reduced the tire pressure to 10-15 psi. The gear on the rear rack was bulky but only weighed about 20 lbs.

The first part of the trip was down hill on an old rocky and rutted logging road using brakes only most of the way. Then I turned into the woods and made my on trail to the spot I plan to hunt. I had to take it very slowly with lots of turns to avoid trees, rocks, fallen timber and limbs. Mostly throttle only with an occasional pedal assist in PAS1.

Some things I learned were:

1. The bike is better than I am.
2. I need more practice with the throttle to keep my speed down. I ran over a few things I would have preferred to go around.
3. PAS level 1 is too fast for pig trailing through the woods.
4. My balance ain’t what it used to be. I never fell or bumped a tree, but had to put a foot down a few times.
5. I need to find a wider platform for the rear rack.

I am very pleased with the bike. It will certainly extend my range both in distance and in years.


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I also bought a Veego 750 for hunting. I must say I am somewhat unhappy with it.Reasons being the motor is loud and the bike vibrates under acceleration.Also,with less than 100 miles on it,the bike looses PAS from time to time which is very annoying! I have contacted the company numerous times concerning these issues and have followed their instructions on what to do as far as checking wiring etc. I am convinced I have a bad controller and have requested a replacement be sent to me.THEY REFUSED!!! I am now hoping,before I decide to sell it, that I can convert it to a mid drive. If I cannot convert it to a mid drive it's going up for sale.My plan then would be to buy myself a cheap fat tire pedal bike,hopefully with front fork suspension,and install a bafang mid drive kit.