My first "Hardcore" ride


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I bought my 2014 Macina Action plus 27.5 for commuting. 15 mile a day, 600' revelation change. Today I rode the hills above Lexington Reservoir, Los Gatos CA. My 15 mile ride lasted 2 hours and had a elevation gain of 3000'. I did have to push the bike up the hill twice, just too steep for my skills. I am really impressed with the bike (I am 6' tall, 185lbs) I have a thrudbuster to compensate for the hard tail, and it works well. Despite all the negative comments on the Bosch system it performed quite well. I have the active line, and I think I would love the 20% more torque from the Performance line. I now have 500 miles on the bike.

Coming down hill I topped 30 mph which had my adrenaline going. The bike was solid and handled well. A better rider would probably enjoy better forks, but I felt in control all the way down.

Here are some stats on the ride.


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Despite all the negative comments on the Bosch system

Huge ride! Way to go!

Re: your quote above, the negative comments, best I can see, came from a couple members who, to put it kindly, were trashing their bikes... bathing them in mud literally, bashing the heck out of them. :)

Read the link below from a bike shop that has a lot of experience with the Bosch system for a true review of it. Its the highest quality e-bike system on the market.

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The link to the ride is full of information. I like how the map is coordinated to the graphs, as you mouse over the stuff.

In the real world, that is a fairly rare and very serious grade. At some point, a drivetrain is giving you all it has, no matter how it is geared. You almost need raw watts to get up that kind of grade at any decent speed, above 4 mph.

Interesting bike. Seems to show up on British websites for pretty reasonable prices. They have VAT and all, so not sure what it would be in the US. The 5 year warranty I saw on the battery would be nice.